Michael Simon AZ

Web Developer and Designer

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Random Recipe Idea

A website that generates a random recipe idea.

Simon Roofing Website

A roofing website built with Astro & Tailwind.

Quick Dictionary

A quick dictionary app for looking up word definitions.

Digimon Directory

A basic digimon directory using the digimon API

Heart & Hand Ecommerce Store

An ecommerce store for a hand-made design company.

Pokedex Infinite Scroll Search

A pokedex with an infinite scroll and a search bar.

Copy Pasta

A dynamic copy/paste tool that utilizes url parameters to store data.

Deck Of Cards

A fun little experiment with the deckofcardsapi.com

Simon Roofing

A roofing business website built on WordPress with Oxygen Builder.

Linkbox CRUD

A place to store links, built with Next.js, Material UI, and Supabase.

Kregslist User Listings

A frontend where users can add/edit/delete listings.

Typescript First Look

This was my first mini project exploring Typescript.

React Fetch Public API Data List

Fetching a list of public APIs and displaying the results.

Quote Generator #2

A quote generator created in react


A website created to help people find the best LMS for their needs

Online Store

A basic online store created in Next.js

Tiffany Taylor Hair

A hair website for a beautician

Basic Resume Builder

A basic resume builder created in react

Je T'aime Weddings & Events

A brochure website for Je T'aime Weddings & Events

420 Shop

A weed shop interface built in vite/react

Medical Website

A medical info website

Marketing Website

A brochure marketing website

GSAP Animations

Testing of some Greensock animations

Basic Salary Calculator

A basic salary calculator created in react

Background Gradient Generator

A css gradient background generator created in react

Stranger Things Quote & Screenshot Generator

Generate & style a quote

People of Bob's Burgers Fetch/Search API

Searchable Bob's burgers characters

Generate Robot Avatar Based Off Keyword

Generates a robot avatar from https://robohash.org

Dental Website

A basic dentist website for a local dentist in Arizona

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